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Prenatal Care

Chiropractic helps keep mom comfortable and baby supported as her body is changing to accommodate the creation of life.

Chiropractors work to reduce the tension placed on the nervous system. This is important to create an ideal environment for baby to grow and decrease the amount of stress on mom and baby during child birth.

The 3 P’s of child birth


The power behind child birth comes from the contractile force within the uterus and surrounding structures that provide stability. The contraction that occurs during labor takes place only because the nervous system communicates with the necessary structures. The brain sends signals to the uterus, instructing it to contract the smooth muscle & to the surrounding blood vessels to dilate allowing for proper oxygenation of tissues for mom and baby. Chiropractors work to alleviate tension placed on the nervous system allowing for restriction free communication from brain to body.



The passage is the physical opening the child passes through during child birth. The passage is made up of the pelvic bones, sacrum, coccyx and pelvic floor musculature. The pelvis bones and sacrum create an oval for the baby to pass through. When the bones are misaligned they can limit the space available for the baby causing discomfort and stress during pregnancy and delivery for mom and baby. A chiropractor can help put the pelvic bones into the correct location allowing for an easier and more comfortable pregnancy from beginning to end.


Passenger refers to the babies location throughout pregnancy and during the birthing process. Babies tend to go into a vertical or head up or down position between 26-30 weeks (it may happen later and that is nothing to worry about). Babies move when they feel moms body is prepared for the transition. This occurs when mom is functioning optimally and without tension or restriction within the pelvis, leaving more space for baby to move freely. Webster certified chiropractors work to create an ideal environment within mom so babies can feel supported in whatever position they choose to be in.

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